Manage Tasks

The following describes how to view and filter the task list to manage your tasks.

Sorting and Filtering Tasks

You may sort tasks by priority by clicking the Priority column header.

In this example, tasks are sorted from high priority to low priority.

Tasks may also be filtered. In this example, the list is being filtered to show only high priority tasks.

Tasks may be sorted by Due date.

Reviewing Tasks

To review tasks that have been assigned to you, click the My Tasks subtab. All of your tasks will appear in the panel on the left. Details about the selected tasks and any notes associated with the task will appear on the right.

Looking Up Information from the Task

It is easy to look up pertinent information for any tasks that have been assigned to you. In the example below, the e patient's name is double-clicked to look up their phone number. It is just as easy to look up any information associated with the task, including the referring physician or payer.

Entering Task Notes

While working through your tasks, make sure to enter notes. These notes may be reviewed by other members of the team who may also be working on the same task. To enter a note on a selected task, click Note and enter a note as illustrated.

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