Introduction to the Task List

The Task List is a primary communication tool in Insight EMR and Insight Billing. Tasks can be created by members of your staff, Clinicient Billing Services, or may be automatically created by the system.

Creating a New Task

  1. From the Task tab, click New to create a new task.
  2. Select a task from the Action list. If an appropriate task description is not included in the list, select any task description and overwrite it with your own description.
  3. In the Assign To area, click either Staff or Role to assign the task to a specific staff member or to a role (front desk, therapist, etc.).
  4. Associate any other relevant information with the task (client name, physician name, etc.)
  5. Type in any additional information in the Note area.

In this example, the new task has been assigned to a Role, Billing, but you may also assign a task to a specific person. The task has been associated with the patient, clinic, and claim. Associating this information with the task will make it easier to retrieve needed information when the task is processed.

Prioritizing Tasks

You can create tasks with the Priority set to low, medium, or high. The default priority for all newly created tasks is medium. This is an example of creating a task with Priority set to High.

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