Load a Chart Template

Templates are usually created from one topic in the Clinical Content Management System. For example, a shoulder template would probably be created from a Shoulder topic. There may be many specialized templates created from one, more general topic. Here are some examples:

Topic Template
Shoulder General Shoulder Template
  Rotator Cuff Repair Template
  Shoulder Arthroplasty Template
Knee Anterior Knee Pain Template
  Post Op ACL Reconstruction
  Knee Arthroplasty Template
Speech Dysarthria Template
  Feeding Template

Obviously, there are likely many common elements to the templates that are created from the same parent topic.

When using a template, many elements from a topic can be loaded into the chart at the same time and then the therapist can simply complete required elements and add other important clinical findings.

When templates are created, some of the items may be associated with an anatomical region, such as an extremity. You will be prompted to select the affected extremity when loading the template.

In this example, the Left Upper Extremity and Left Shoulder of the patient are affected.

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