Work with Assistants in "Incident To" Settings

How to use the scheduling and charting for assistants in Incident To settings.

In physician owned rehabilitation practices that bill physical or occupational therapy on an "Incident To" basis, there are special considerations to take into consideration to make sure that claims are billed properly under the physician's credentials when the services are performed by an assistant.


In incident to arrangements, the assistant cannot be scheduled as the primary therapist for the patient. You must make the appointment with a therapist that is otherwise able to treat patients without supervision. This will usually be the supervising therapist for the patient's Case.

In the following example, Jerry is the supervising therapist and Amy is the assistant.

You may block the assistant's time with an Other appointment to indicate that the assistant is assisting the supervising therapist, as illustrated here:

You may add the patient's name to the blocked time as illustrated here.

As an alternative, you may add the assistant as Additional Staff for the appointment.

When scheduling the patient with the assistant as Additional Staff, the appointment will automatically appear on both schedules:

In either case, the assistant will need to switch to the supervising therapist's schedule in Charting to document on the patient visit:

Any additional services added by the assistant will automatically indicate that the assistant performed the services. If any services were copied forward from the prior visit, the assistant should change the Performed By indicator for the service manually.

The assistant will not be allowed to sign off on the documentation for the visit in Incident To situations:

The supervising therapist for the visit is responsible for signing off:

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