Use Physiotec Integrated Home Exercise Program

Physiotec provides online health and fitness exercise software that is ideal for prescribing exercises and providing patient education and self care advice for your patients. When Physiotec is used as an optional module within Clinicient, all of the information provided to your patient becomes a permanent part of the patient's record in the Clinicient EMR. The information from Physiotec may be printed or a link to the personalized program may be emailed to your patient. The email may include video links so your patient may review the exercises at home anytime. More information on using Physiotec may be found on the Physiotec Website.

Adding the Physiotec Module

Physiotec is an optional module within Clinicient. For information on adding Physiotec to Clinicient EMR for your organization, click here to open a support request form. A Clinicient representative will be in touch with you on pricing and next steps.

Please make sure to include your name, phone number, email address, company and username as illustrated here. Include Physiotec Information in the subject line.

Using Physiotec and Insight EMR

After Physiotec is activated, you will notice an additional button labeled HEP in Charting.

Click on the HEP button to launch Physiotec. There are three options available:

  • Search Exercises will launch Physiotec and open automatically to the Search Exercises tab.
  • Client Profile will launch Physiotec and open the Client Profile within Physiotec. Basic patient information will already have been exported to your Physiotec database.
  • Documentation will open Physiotec and show the programs that have already been prescribed for your patient. If your patient does not have any prescribed programs in Physiotec, the Documentation option will be unavailable.

Searching for Exercises

After clicking Search Exercises, you may enter search parameters to search for rehab exercises, patient education, or fitness routines. Exercises may be searched by Body Part, Objectives, Positions, and for special pieces of equipment that may be used along with the exercise routine.

Here is an example of searching orthopedic rehab programs for lumbar stabilization exercises with the patient in supine utilizing a swiss ball.

After entering the search by checking boxes as illustrated here, or by entering keywords, click Search.

Exercises fitting the search terms will be displayed in a series of thumbnail illustrations. Select exercises to prescribe by checking boxes as illustrated here.

Any exercise may be reviewed before prescribing by clicking the eye icon, then clicking Assign to Program if the exercise is to be added to the program, or Cancel if the exercise will not be added to the program.

You may enter sets, reps, resistance and other exercise details and instructions before saving the exercise program.

Emailing or Printing Exercises After assigning the exercise program for your patient, you may add additional notes and parameters for selected exercises, or for the entire group of exercises. Click Print to print the exercises and Send Email to send the exercises to the email address saved as part of your patient's information.

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