Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Documentation

You can use keyboard shortcuts to accept a default result, select a new result from a list, or open a keypad to insert numeric results. When working in a Chart template, clicking Enter will highlight the default result on the next placeholder.

Ctrl + Down Arrow

On non-numeric items, pressing Ctrl + Down Arrow will show a list of potential results from a list.

Selecting a Result

To select a result from the list, use the down arrow to highlight the desired result and press Enter. If more than one result from the list needs to be entered, just press Ctrl + Down Arrow to see the list again.Click Enter after the desired result or results have been selected.

Numeric Results

For scales or measurements, Ctrl + Down Arrow opens a number pad. You can select a number with your up/down keys. When using a tablet device, you can select the desired numeric result on the number pad.

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