Use Free Text in Clinical Documentation

In this topic, you will learn how to enter and edit free text notes and comments in clinical documentation.

Adding an Area Summary

You can enter a summary statement of unlimited length in any documentation area by right clicking the Area in the Phrases tab and then selecting Add Summary from the context menu.

In this example, a summary was added to the goals area:

Line Breaks in Area Summaries

When editing a summary in an area of the documentation, you can add a line break by pressing CTRL + Enter:

Editing Text in Notes

To edit the text in notes, click in the text of the document preview and edit as shown here.

Adding Comments to Procedure and Test Notes

You can add comments to test results or to procedures in documentation, as seen in these examples:

Character Limits in Free Text

Use the following picture as a guide to the number of characters of free text you can use in clinical documentation:

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