Start Documentation for a Visit

This topic describes how to start documentation on a patient after they have arrived for their visit and describes an alternative method for beginning documentation prior to the visit.

Arriving a Patient in the Schedule Tab

Normally, a patient is marked Arrived at the front desk by right clicking on their appointment in the Schedule Tab then selecting Arrived from the Status command context menu as illustrated here:

Arriving a Patient in the Chart Tab

If a patient appointment has not been marked as Arrived in the Schedule Tab, you can alternately mark it as Arrived from the Chart Tab by right-clicking on the appointment then selecting Arrived from the context menu as illustrated here:

Starting Documentation on an Arrived Patient

Once a patient has had their appointment is marked Arrived, whether in the Schedule Tab or the Chart Tab, all treatment procedures and documentation items marked for Goal Tracking will copy forward to the current visit. You can then start documention for the visit.

Starting Documentation Before a Patient is Marked Arrived

Generally, starting documentation on patients before they are marked Arrival is not recommended. If the patient subsequently does not show for the appointment, any documentation you have begun is deleted when the appointment is marked as No Show. Follow these steps if you need to start documentation on a patient visit before they are marked Arrived in the system:

  1. In the Chart tab, find and select the patient's appointment.
  2. In the Chart Tab toolbar, click Start to start documentation on the selected patient appointment.
  3. The following message box appears:
  4. Click Yes to start documentation. The icon to the left of the patient's appointment in the Chart Tab changes to reflect the fact that documentation was started before the appointment was marked as Arrived:

Indicates that the patient has arrived .
Indicates that documentation has been started before the patient has arrived.

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