Manage Clinical Documentation Issues

In this topic, you will learn more about attaching and scanning electronic images as part of the patient's clinical record.

How to Scan Attachments

Insight EMR supports attaching already-scanned document images into the patient's electronic record. You can use this feature to attach and retrieve images of clinical documents for a patient's case. See Attach, Edit, and Print Documents for more information about attachments.

Documents to Attach to Patient Records

Here are some examples of documents you might want to attach as part of the patient's record:

  • Home exercise handouts and other patient education handouts
  • Hand written exercise flow sheets
  • Correspondence from physicians or attorneys pertaining to the patient's case

Retrieving a Document Scan from a Patient's Record

Use the following steps to retrieve a document scan from a patient's record:

  1. From the Edit menu, select Clients, press F9, or click . The Client Editor appears.
  2. If the patient record you need to view is not already displayed, select the patient from the Name list.
  3. From the Client Editor, select the Attachments tab. A list of any scanned images will appear. Select the scanned image you wish to review.
  4. If you want to reprint the scanned image, select Attachment from the Print list, as shown:
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