Filter and Group Documentation Items

In this article, you will learn how filtering and grouping of clinical documentation items works in Insight EMR.

Grouping and Filtering Tests in Insight EMR

In Insight EMR, tests may be grouped and ordered to allow entry of multiple tests into a document with one mouse click. The following example shows entering a series of ROM measurement tests from the Shoulder Topic with the Shoulder-Right selected. The first test result for the affected side is already highlighted so you may update the result.

Updating the result and clicking Enter allows you to update the result for the contralateral side. As you continue updating results, then clicking Enter, you can quickly update the results:

If you entered an entire group of test results by checking the group, you can remove any unwanted tests at anytime by clearing their related check box.

You can add these test items as goals by clicking the star next to the test item in the topic tree.

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