Copy Documentation from One Patient to Another

It is possible to copy documentation from one patient case to another, or between two cases for the same patient.

  1. From the Chart tab, locate the visit you would like to copy. The easiest way to do this is using the Client tab, as illustrated below, to locate the patient and visit you wish to copy documentation from. Select the document you plan to copy.

  2. Click to open the Chart Template menu.
  3. From the Chart Template menu, select Edit Chart Templates.

  4. From the Edit Chart Templates dialog, click Add.

  5. Choose Currently Selected Visit, enter a folder and name you can easily remember and click OK.

  6. You are now in Edit mode for the copied document. You can remove items in the body of the document by selecting the item, clicking the right mouse button and clicking Delete. You can also add or remove items or entire sections by selecting or clearing the check boxes from the topic menu located on the left.

  7. When you have completed editing to include only the items you wish to keep, select OK in the Edit Chart Templates dialog to save your changes.

  8. After you have saved your new chart template, you can use that template to document on the correct patient's visit.
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