Select Clinical Report Formats

In the Chart tab toolbar, there is a Print button that displays a menu of clinical reports you can choose and print. Here are some examples of available clinical reports:

  • Claims Submission Documentation is a standard report used when claims need to be accompanied by clinical documentation reports.
  • Daily Progress Note is a report used as needed to print off a report documenting progress when an evaluation or re-evaluation was not performed.
  • Evaluation reports may be combined with Plans of Care, or Plans of Care may be configured as separate reports.

Previewing Clinical Reports

Reports may be previewed at anytime, or printed off after signing in any of the available formats. In this example, the documentation completed at the visit is being previewed as a Discharge Summary.

In this example, the discharge summary includes a standard closing statement which automatically includes the date of the Initial Evaluation, the number of visits and a statement about goal attainment. In addition, the patient's first name is automatically included in the closing line.

The same information is displayed differently if it is printed off as a Daily Progress Note.

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