Set Topic Preferences

In this topic, you will learn how to select your personal library of clinical documentation topics from the master topic library and how to adjust the appearance of the topics in documentation.

Before reviewing this article, you should be familiar with the information in Manage Clinical Content.

Editing Topic Preferences

Topic Preferences is used to select the topics that you need for clinical documentation in your particular clinical specialty. To edit topic preferences, first select the Topic Preferences command from the Templates menu.

Selecting Topics

Choose the topics you want to use by selecting them from the list of Available Topics on the left then click the arrow button to move them into your list of Preferred Topics on the right, as shown below.

Changing Topic Order

You can change the order of the topics in your list of Preferred Topics by selecting a topic you wish to move and then click the up or down arrows to move it up or down the list. The ordering of topics in this list is the same order in which the topics appear in your list of preferred topics when creating clinical documentation.

Setting Topic Font Size

You can change the font size used the topic tree of your documentation as shown.

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