Clinical Documentation FAQs

General Questions

How Do I... Articles
Transition my documentation from legacy systems?

Transition Clinical Documentation from Legacy Systems

Select the best print format for my clinical reports?

Select Clinical Report Formats

Add my signature to Clinical Documentation? Add the Therapist Signature to Clinical Documentation Reports

Documentation Process

How Do I... Articles
Customize my documentation with free text? Use Free Text in Clinical Documentation
Filter and group clinical documentation items compared to how I used to do it in legacy Insight EMR? Filter and Group Documentation Items
Create and use goals on an ongoing basis to track and report a patient's progress? Introduction to Clinicient Goal Tracking
Route documentation completed by an assistant to a supervising therapist for review and cosignature?

Cosign Clinical Documentation

Report and manage patient discharges? Manage Patient Discharges
Begin clinical documentation for a patient before they have arrived for their scheduled appointment?

Start Documentation for a Visit

Charge for supplies as part of the clinical documentation process? Add Supplies to the Topic Editor
Revise documentation that has already been signed off? Revise Signed Documentation

Documentation Management

How Do I... Articles
Learn the process to configure my clinical content library? The Topic Editor
Group and organize my documentation topics for best usability and organization of my reports? Step by Step Process for Managing Topics

Documentation Tips and Tricks

How Do I... Articles
Scan, attach, and retrieve images of clinical documents for a patient's case? Manage Clinical Documentation Issues
Document patients with multiple injuries or complex problems?

Document Complex Patient Cases

Document Findings for Multiple Anatomical Areas

Track goals as measurements for bilateral problems? Document Bilateral Results
Find documentation items while charting?

Search for Documentation Items

Copy documentation from one patient or Case to another? Copy Documentation from One Patient to Another
Save Documentation? Save Clinical Documentation
Handle Medicare Plan of Care documentation and reporting? Plan of Care and Progress Report Tracking
Navigate the Topic tree in the Topic Editor efficiently? Find Items in the Topic Tree

Corresponding with Physicians

How Do I... Article
Send a letter to a physician? Create, Print, and Fax Letters
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