Chart Tab Overview

One of the main functions of Insight EMR is to provide access to clinical documentation for a patient's care. Charting in a patient's electronic medical records is accomplished through a work area called the Chart tab:

Accessing the Chart Tab

You can access the Chart tab in either of two ways:

  • Click the Chart tab in the upper-left corner of the application.
  • Press F4 on your keyboard.

Areas of the Chart Tab

The following diagram shows the main areas used in the Chart tab. Buttons available include:

Button Title Function
View Case Information Hover for a quick view of Case Information or click to access the Client Editor and the full Case Information tab.
Change Case Select a different case for the visit. Copy forward management will not work if you use this option to change case.
Start Start documenting the visit when the visit is not arrived.
HEP Launch the optional Home Exercise Program.
Topic Editor Open the topic editor.
Chart Templates Load and/or edit a template.

Calendar Control

In the upper left area of the Chart tab is the Calendar Control, which you can use to select one or more days to view the appointments scheduled on those days. Just below the Calendar Control in the Chart Tab of Insight EMR is a series of four tabs that present various lists to the therapist.

The Staff Tab

The Staff tab, found just below the Calendar Control, provides the therapist with a list of scheduled visits for a selected date, clinic, and staff member.

The Client Tab

The Client tab, also just below the Calendar Control, provides the therapist with a list of all the visits scheduled and their status for a selected client and case.

The Unsigned Visits Tab

The Unsigned tab, also found below the Calendar Control, provides the therapist with a list of visits for which the clinical documentation is currently unsigned.

Phrases, Charge Tickets, and Goals

When a visit has been selected for which the patient has been marked as Arrived, the region to the right of the Staff, Client, Unsigned, and Template tabs contains a set of three tabs grouped together. These tabs are:

  • Phrases, providing access to topic phrases used in clinical documentation
  • Charge Ticket, providing access to the charge ticket for the currently selected visit
  • Goals, providing access to goal definition and tracking

Visit Documentation

Most of the Chart Tab in Insight EMR is taken up by the area where visit documentation appears as the therapist adds information to the patient's chart.

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