Single Click Signoff

Clinicient recently released a new feature in InsightGO allowing therapists to sign notes using a checkbox rather than entering their InsightGO password. Though this feature was originally designed for Clinicient customers using Single Sign-On (SSO),Closed(An authentication process used by organizations with specialized security networks that allows users to securely log into multiple related systems with a single username and password. For these users, signing off by entering a password meant that they needed to maintain two passwords; one to log into their SSO and their Insight password, which was only used for signing off. To make things a little easier for our SSO users, Clinicient released single click signoff, eliminating the need for them to maintain two passwords.) it is available for other clients who simply want the convenience of being able to sign off without having to re-enter their InsightGO password.

If you’d like to have this feature enabled for your database, please consider the following information to make sure it’s a good fit for your organization.

Adhering to Compliance Guidelines

Providers using electronic systems should be aware that there is a potential for misuse or abuse with alternate signature methods. The individual whose name is on the alternate signature method and the provider bear the responsibility for the authenticity of the information. Because of potential compliance issues, we do not recommend this feature for organizations where therapists share computers, laptops, or tablets. However, if devices are not shared between therapists, and your organization is able to authenticate individual user logins to devices, there should be no issues with using single click signoff.

If you believe this feature is right for your organization, please let us know! Our support specialists are happy to activate it for your InsightGO database.

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