Search the Chart

The Search button on the Chart tab allows you to enter a phrase to search all categories, subcategories, and items in the topic tree.

Important things to know about the search:

  • You must enter a minimum of three characters to start the search.
  • You may enter partial words.
  • Do not use * as a wildcard.
  • Use a space between search phrases to append the search. See the image above for an example of results returned when searching for "hip rom x".
  • You do not need to use a mouse to navigate the search.
  • ESC closes the search box.
  • "Pg Up / Pg Dn" navigates and shifts to the next ten or prior ten search results.
  • Use the ↑ or ↓ key to move up and down.
  • "Enter" adds the selected item to your chart or expands the category, depending on where your cursor is.
  • Spacebar selects/deselects an item.
  • Search results depend on where your cursor is. For esxample, if your cursor is in the Subjective part of the chart note, the search displays subjective items at the tip of the list.
  • Category and subcategory search results display in blue. Selecting a blue category or subcategory opens a detailed list and allows you to select the specific items you need to add.
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