Empty Placeholders

Placeholders will appear as empty brackets if there is no default result.

Accepting the Default Result

You may click the default result to accept it, or you may click Enter twice on the keyboard to accept the default result and move to the next placeholder.

Selecting Alternate Results in Placeholders

Right clicking the placeholder, or pressing the Ctrl + Down Arrow keyboard shortcut reveals a list of alternate results. You may select a different result by clicking it, or clicking the down arrow to select a result, then clicking Enter.

Right click again or use Ctrl + Down Arrow again to select an additional result.

Ways to Enter Clinical Results

Regardless of whether the item is required, a place holder, etc., there are two ways to enter or modify clinical results on the template.

  1. Left click to accept the default goal result. Double clicking the result highlights the results and allows you to manually overwrite the result with free text.

  1. Right click to display a slit of results and select the appropriate result.

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