Update Goal Results

Once a goal is set, it is automatically carried forward to future visits for the case. Goal Tracker in Insight EMR allows you to easily track patient's progress on important clinical findings. Important things to remember when using the goal tracker:

  • The latest result for any tracked goal automatically copies forward in red. It is easy to update the tracked results.
  • You should update goals routinely but you do not have to do it at every visit.
  • If you are not updating a tracked goal result on the current visit, just leave it alone.

You then have two different ways to manage the goal: either track and report the goal result, or do not track the result and clear the result.

Note: When deleting a goal, keep in mind that this impacts documentation on other visits and you will no longer be able to track progress against the goal for future visits.

How to Identify Goals Copied Forward

Open a patient chart from within Insight EMR. Click any of the List subtabs and select a patient record.

When a continuing patient is marked Arrived, any documentation results that are tracked as goals automatically copy forward to the current visit and display in red text. Prior results for these tracked goals appear in red text in the appropriate areas of the chart note as well as in the Current column in the goal tracker grid, as illustrated in the following graphic.

Option 1: Track and Report Goal Results

If the patient's condition is unchanged, click the red text. This changes the text color from red to black, which indicates that you have noted this condition in the patient's documentation. In the following image, Condition Improving was clicked and the text is now black.

The following is an example of what the goal now looks like in the Goal Tracker Grid.

If the patient's condition has changed, update tracked results in one of the following ways:

  • Click the documentation item in the chart note or in the topic tree. You can then add/remove this item by selecting or clicking to clear the associated check box.
  • Click the tracked result and type free text or right click the tracked result and select a new result. The following graphic illustrates right-clicking the mouse.

    Note: Right clicking the tracked result will add a new result, not replace the existing result.

Note: Do not manually update the value in the Current column. Doing so has implications on how goal information displays for the current and future visits. You should only be updating goal results in the Objective or Subjective section from which the goal was established, not the Goals section.

Option 2: Do Not Track the Goal - Remove from Current Visit Documentation

If you decide that it is not necessary to measure a goal that has been carried forward during the current visit, do not edit any information on the screen; just click Sign. This automatically clears out all of the tracked results that were copied forward and removes it from the current visit documentation.

When you clear a tracked goal for the current visit, the goals are carried forward again for future visits. You will know the results were not updated because the text stays red because it was not edited or clicked.

The following is an example of tracked results that were copied forward before clicking Sign:

Once the Sign button is clicked, the Shoulder Flexion Active Range of Motion goal drops off of the chart. This means that the Shoulder Flexion Active Range of Motion result is not included when printing documentation on for the current visit. The following is an example of those results after you clicked the Sign button to clear the goal:

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