Copy Documentation Forward

How to copy documentation forward from one visit to the next.

Automatic Copy Forward of Selected Documentation

Once an appointment is arrived, any summary sections, non-evaluation procedures, and your Assessment and Plan sections will be automatically copied forward to the current visit from the most recently signed off visit. It is important to arrive and document visits in chronological order to ensure documentation from the most recent visit is carried forward.

Copy Forward Management

You can configure which chart areas will copy forward by selecting Copy Forward Management under the Settings drop-down menu, shown below.

Copying Forward All Documentation from a Prior Visit

You may also copy forward all documentation from a prior visit to the next arrived appointment, which may be then edited to reflect current findings. To copy forward all documentation from a prior visit, switch to the Client tab, select the patient and Case, and right click on the prior visit and select Copy Forward as illustrated below:

Editing Documentation Copied Forward

If all of the documentation is copied forward from a prior visit to today's visit, you should deselect any items that you do not want to include in today's documentation by unchecking the selector boxes. For example, if an Evaluation was performed at the prior visit as one of the procedures, you will need to uncheck that procedure on today's documentation to remove it. This is illustrated here:

As another example, you may want to remove items that cover the patient's history, or other tests that are not necessary to repeat in today's documentation:

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