Change Anatomy in Documentation

Often chart templates are associated with anatomical areas when they are developed. When you load the chart template, you are prompted to select the affected anatomical area and side. If you do not select the affected side, you may switch the anatomy in the documentation.

This article reviews anatomical selection when loading a template and changing anatomy in the documentation.

Load the Desired Chart Template

If the chart template was developed with anatomically specific elements, you will be prompted to change the anatomical selections to match your patient's affected anatomy and side as appropriate.

When the template is loaded, the affected side will be the first column

If the correct anatomy was not selected when the template was loaded, you may switch an entire group of tests by right clicking on the anatomy and selecting Change Anatomy

Here is an example of right clicking on the Left Upper Extremity to change the affected side.

After the anatomy is corrected

You may change any other incorrectly loaded anatomical areas the same way

After all incorrectly loaded anatomical areas are corrected.

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