Required Email for Staff

A unique email address is required for all staff. This topic explains how to enter email information for new staff and confirm email addresses for existing staff.


A unique, valid email address is required for all Clinicient users. Staff members may not share the same email address. The email address is used as part of the unique identifier for each staff member and may be used by Clinicient for important communications.

Email addresses entered in Clinicient will not be shared with any third party.

New Staff

When entering new staff members, you will receive a warning if you enter an invalid email address.

Email Already Used

If you attempt to enter an email address that has already been used, you will receive a warning. A unique email will be required before saving the staff info.

Existing Staff

If an email address has not been entered for existing staff members, Clinicient will automatically use a placeholder address in the staff information. The staff member will be prompted to validate the email on log in.

Confirmation on Log In

When existing staff log into Clinicient, they will be asked to validate the email address that is entered in the system.

Email Address Already Used

If the staff member enters an email address that is already in use by someone else, they will receive this error message.

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