Define Password Parameters

In this topic, you will learn how to set various system parameters regarding passwords.

Controlling Passwords

Every user account in Insight EMR has a password associated with it. You can control whether or not password length and expiration are enforced as well as the required password length and expiration in days if these password attributes are enforced.


Follow these steps to define the password parameters for the system:

  1. From the Security menu, select Password Parameters. The Password Parameters dialog displays.

  1. Select the Enforce Minimum Password Length check box to specify a minimum length for user passwords. If you do not want to enforce password length, clear this check box.
  2. If password length is enforced, enter the minimum number of characters for a user password in the Minimum Password Length field.
  3. Select the Enforce Password Expiration check box to require that user passwords expire after a specified number of days. If you do not want to enforce password expiration, clear this check box.
  4. If password expiration is enforced, enter the number of days after which user passwords expire in the Passwords Expire field.
  5. Click OK to save your settings and close the Password Parameters dialog box.
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