Define Application Lock Parameters

What is application lock?

The Insight EMR application lock feature allows administrators to automatically log users out of Insight after a specified period of time with no activity. Once application lock is set, users are warned that they will be logged out and have the option to select Cancel Log out if they are still actively using Insight EMR. If a user is automatically logged out, Insight remembers the screen they were working on and opens back up to the screen that was previously being used if the user logs back on to the system.

If the application lock is triggered and another user attempts to log in to Insight, the warning message displays indicating another user is currently logged on.

What are the benefits to setting an application lock?

This feature allows your clinic to maintain healthy security policies. Locking the computer when there is a need to step away or when the Insight application is no longer needed can often be overlooked by users in a fast paced clinic environment.

How do I set the application lock?

  1. Log in to Insight EMR
  2. From the Security menu, select Password Parameters.

You must have edit permissions to the Security action in order to set the application lock.

  1. Select the Lock Application When Inactive check box to specify that the application will automatically log off after a specified length of inactivity. If you do not want to lock the application when it is inactive, clear this check box.
  2. If application locking when inactive is enabled, enter the number of minutes of inactivity before the application automatically logs off in the Log out when inactive for field.

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