Clinical Supervisor Settings

Clinicians must be classified as to whether or not they are allowed to treat patients without supervision in the Staff Editor. This has important implications for claim processing and cosigning clinical documentation.

You can launch the Add/Edit Staff window in either Insight EMR or Insight Billing. From the Edit menu, select Staff.

Note: Most payers require claims to be billed under the rendering provider (treating therapist). The cosign feature is designed for assistants and generally should not be used to enable one licensed therapist to cosign another licensed therapist's documentation.

For most licensed therapists, the May treat without supervisor cosign check box should be checked. It is your responsibility to take all legal and payer requirements into consideration if you leave this box unchecked.

If the May treat without supervisor cosign check box is not selected in the staff editor for the treating clinician, all claims for this clinician will list the supervising therapist as the rendering provider.

Clinical Supervisor Settings

If the May Treat Without Supervision check box is selected, the therapist is a supervising therapist and may act as a cosigner for an assistant. If the box is not selected, this user’s documentation will ultimately be billed out under the supervising therapist for the patient’s case.

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