Assign a Staff Supervisor to an Assistant

What is the Staff Supervisor feature in Insight?

The Staff Supervisor feature in Insight allows you to permanently set a cosigning supervisor for an assistant for all appointment type. You must have Supervisor Assignment Required turned on for your database in order use this feature. Contact support if you do not see the Staff Supervisors selection on the Edit menu or the Supervisor field on the Edit Staff dialog box.

Why should I use it?

  • Start Date field allows you to set up signature routing in advance if there is planned staff turnover.
  • Makes it easy for the assistant to route the patient's documentation to the supervising therapist without having to manually select the therapist each time.

If you do not see the name of the assistant you are expecting to see in Step 4, check the assistant's settings in the Add/Edit Staff window. Only staff members with the Show in Schedule check box selected and the May treat without supervisor consign check box not selected display in the selection list.

How do I set it?

  1. Log in to Insight EMR.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Company & Clinic Info. The Company Info and Clinic Management dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Require cosign for non-evaluation appointments check box.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Staff or press F6.
  2. The Add/Edit Staff dialog displays.
  3. Click Ellipsis Button to open the Edit Supervisor window.

  1. The Edit Supervisor dialog opens with the name of the employee from the previous step already selected.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Use the drop down arrow in the Supervisor column and select the staff member who is responsible for signing for the assistant.

    Note: Only staff members with the Show in Schedule check box selected and the May treat without supervisor cosign check box selected display in the selection list.

  3. Click the Start Date column and select the start day for when you would like to require the supervisor to start signing for the assistant.

  4. Click OK to close the Edit Supervisor dialog and return to the Edit Staff dialog. The Supervisor field is now updated to show who needs to sign off once the assistant has completed charting.

  1. Once the assistant signs off on the patient's chart, Insight automatically routes the chart to the supervising therapist for sign off.

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