Set Therapist Schedules

In this topic, you will learn how to set regular weekly schedules for staff members and how to modify the schedule for specific dates.

How to Create Schedules

Usually, therapists and other staff members keep a consistent weekly schedule with regular hours and days off. From time to time, that normal schedule has to be modified for one or more dates. With Insight EMR, you can define a weekly schedule that is copied across a selected range of dates as well as modify that schedule for one or more specific dates.

The Set Staff Schedules Dialog Box

In order to see the therapist on the schedule, you need to select the Show in Schedule check box. In addition, in the Clinics area of the dialog box, you need to select the check boxes for the clinics you want the therapist to show in the schedule.

in the Clinics area of the dialog, each of the clinics you want the therapist to show in the schedule needs to be selected.

You schedule staff members using the Set Staff Schedules dialog box.

Opening the Set Staff Schedules Dialog

There are two ways to open the Set Staff Schedules dialog box:

  • From the Add/Edit menu, select Schedules, or
  • Click the Staff Schedule action button

Staff Schedule Controls

The Set Staff Schedules dialog consists of a daily schedule panel to the right and a set of scheduling controls along the left side of the dialog box. The following diagram describes the staff schedule controls:

Note: Once you have set availability for a therapist in the Set Staff Schedule dialogue box, you will need to close and then reopen INSIGHT in order to see and schedule appointments for that therapist in the Schedule tab.

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Now that you are familiar with the controls, to learn how to create a schedule for a therapist, go to Create and Copy a Staff Schedule.

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