Set Basic Schedule Colors

In this topic, you will learn how to set the basic colors used in the Schedule Tab to indicate areas of time that can or cannot be scheduled.

Basic Schedule Types and Colors

The Schedule Display and the Calendar Control in the Schedule Tab use a set of basic colors to indicate different blocks of days and times that are or are not available for scheduling appointments. The following table lists the basic schedule types and the default colors for each.

Type Description Default Color
Scheduled Staff member is scheduled to work and has appointments or time open for scheduling appointments. White
Not Scheduled Staff member is not scheduled to work, typically because the clinic is not open for appointments (early mornings or late at night). Light Gray
No Schedule

Staff member has no schedule on that day.

Dark Gray
Selected Appt. Highlights the currently selected appointments in the schedule. Light Green
Selected Time Highlights the currently selected block of time in the schedule. Lime Green
Calendar Weekend Indicates weekends in the calendar control. Pale Blue
Calendar Today Indicates the current date in the calendar control when the current date is not the selected date. Dark Orange

The Edit Settings Dialog Box

You change the basic schedule colors using the Appointments tab of the Edit Settings Dialog Box. From the Settings menu, select Clinical Settings. The Edit Settings dialog box appears.

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