Select Dates

In this topic, you will learn how to change the range of dates for schedules displayed in the Schedule Tab.

Single Date View

By default, the Calendar Control in the Schedule Tab has the current date selected. However, you can click any other date on the calendar to see the schedules for that date. As a result the schedule displayed corresponds to staff member(s) selected for that single date:

Multiple Dates View

Using the Calendar Control, you can select multiple dates. When you select multiple dates, the schedules for one or more staff members are arranged in adjacent columns, first sorted by staff member and then by date:

Selecting Multiple Dates

There are several ways to select more than one date from the Calendar Control, depending on whether the dates you want to see are in a row or disconnected.

If the dates you want to select are all in a row, you can:

  • Click on one end date then drag the mouse across the set of dates you want to select, stopping at the end date, or
  • Click on one end then, press and hold the SHIFT key down then click on the other end date

If the dates you want to select are disconnected, then you can click one of the dates you want to select, press and hold the CTRL key down, then click one at a time on the other dates you want to select.

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