Define Unavailable Types

In this topic, you will learn how to define blocks of time in the Schedule Tab for which a staff member is unavailable, such as lunch time, meetings, vacation, etc. A block of unavailable time may or may not be able to be double-booked based on the Block Type you assign to the Unavailable Type field. When you set the Block Type to Blocked, this time cannot be doubled-booked, but when set to Not Blocked, you can double-book the staff member.

Default Unavailable Types and Colors

The Schedule Display uses a set of unavailable types to identify blocks of time not available for scheduling appointments. You can customize, add, or delete any of these unavailable types to suit the needs of your clinic. The following table lists the default unavailable types, block type, and the default colors for each.

Description Block Type


Lunch Break Not Blocked Silver
Meeting Not Blocked Pale Yellow
Personal Blocked Silver
Vacation Blocked Silver
Out of Office Blocked Silver

Edit Settings Dialog Box

From the Settings menu, select Clinical Settings. The Edit Settings dialog displays. You add, edit, or delete unavailable types using the Appointments tab of the Edit Settings dialog.

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