Configure Automatic Appointment Reminders

In this topic, you will learn how to set up Insight EMR to send out automated appointment reminders to patients via an e-mail address or via text message.

The Appointment Reminders Tab

Click Settings, Clinical Settings, then the Appointment Reminders Tab.

The following diagram shows the Appointment Reminders tab and labels the main areas within it:

The Appointment Reminder Schedule

For each type of reminder, select:

  • The number of days prior to the appointment to send the reminder. Generally, this is set to one day, which will give all patients at least a 24-hour notification.
  • The hours of the day that the automated messages will be sent as the schedule is updated. These should be set so that you are not disturbing your patients in the middle of the night with e-mail and text messages.
  • Whether or not the reminder is Active. If you do not want your organization sending automatic appointment reminders, uncheck these boxes.

Here is an example of an appointment reminder schedule. In this example:

  • All patients that are scheduled on Tuesday and who elect to receive email or text appointment reminders will receive reminders for their appointments beginning at approximately 9 AM on Monday.
  • If more patients are added to Tuesday's schedule on Monday, the system will automatically send out additional reminders for those patients each hour until 8 PM.


Follow these steps to configure automated appointment reminders:

  1. From the Settings menu, select Clinical Settings to display the Edit settings dialog box:
  1. In the Edit Settings dialog box, click on the Appointment Reminders Tab:
  1. Set up the appointment reminder schedule for both e-mail and text message reminders, making sure for each reminder type to set:
    • Number of days ahead of appointment to send the reminder.
    • Start and end times during which reminders may be sent during the day.
    • Whether the reminder type is active or not.
  1. The system is already set with default message information. You can edit the Subject and Body of the each type of message, adding appropriate data fields by dragging and dropping them from the Reminder Fields list.
  1. You can also include a Reminder Field in your messages by double clicking on it as seen here:
  1. Edit or verify the e-mail reminder settings. You can edit the Subject line of e-mail reminders and decide whether or not to include an iCal Attachment. iCal Attachments can be used to add information about your appointment to the personal appointment schedule for many popular personal calendering applications, including Outlook and Google Calendar.
  1. Edit or confirm the iCal description as needed. You can set up your e-mail reminders to include a file that will enable calendaring data to be sent along with it. These appointment reminder information can be automatically included in your patient's schedule on popular calendaring programs like Microsoft Outlook. Read more:
  2. Edit or confirm the e-mail message to be sent. You can configure the message you wish to include in the body of the e-mail message sent. Data fields can be included in the message by double clicking on the Reminder Field.

  3. Edit or confirm the text message to be sent. You can configure your text message settings, but remember that there is a limit of 140 characters:
  4. Test your settings using the testing procedure outlined in this topic.
  5. When you have confirm the automated appointment reminders work as you intend, click Close to dismiss the Edit Settings dialog box.

Testing Your Settings

Use the following procedure to test your settings for automated appointment reminders:

  1. To test your settings, click on the Test button. The Test Reminders pop-up appears:
  2. Enter a known good email address and/or cell phone number and provider, then click OK.
  3. You will receive a confirmation that test messages have been sent.
  4. Check the format of the messages in your e-mail inbox and phone:
  5. You can also check the iCal link:
  6. Your iCal link can include a Google Map link to your clinic location.

Return Email Address

The return email address for appointment reminders will be the Clinic Email Address entered in Company Info and Clinic Management:

If no email address is entered in the clinic settings, the return email address for appointment reminders will read ""

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