Set Up Supplies

Setting up supplies that are to be billed to insurance plans are entered as part of the clinical documentation and charge codes must be added to the insurance fee schedule. Charge codes for supplies that are dispensed as part of the clinical documentation and billed to insurance plans must also be added to the insurance fee schedule. Refer to Add Supply Codes to the Fee Schedule for more information.

Note: Use the mouse or Enter key to move between the columns. Using the Tab key from any of the columns will move you to the OK or Cancel button at the bottom of the dialog.

Use the following procedure to add a supply or fee.

  1. From the Billing menu, select Supplies and Fees. The Supplies and Fees dialog appears.

  2. Select Add.
  3. Enter a new category (or use an existing category) in the Category field.
  4. Enter a brief description of the item in the Description field.
  5. Enter a 5 character, unique charge code (not a CPT code) in the Charge Code field, or pick an existing code by clicking the arrow and choosing from the list.
  6. Enter a maximum count in the Max Count field (0 means there is no Max).
  7. Enter the unit of measurement, if applicable, for the supply in the Units of Measure field.
  8. Enter the charge amount in the Amount field if you are entering a new charge code. Otherwise, the charge will already be filled in based on the charge in the default fee schedule.
  9. Select the check box in the Variable? field and leave the Amount field blank if there is a Variable Fee. Variable fees should only be used if there is no way to enter a set charge per unit.

Supplies and Fees Change Log

Insight now provides a change log that tracks supplies and fees. You can use the change log to identify when supplies and fees change and who initiated the change. In addition, a record of the initial supplies and fees is provided. This change log is intended to provide the customer with information about supply and fee codes that have changed and by whom.

  1. From the Billing menu, select Supplies and Fees. The Supplies and Fees dialog displays.
  2. Click Change Log. The Supply Change Log dialog displays.
  3. Select a supply or fee category from the list. The fields that have changed since the initial entries were made at implementation will display, if changes have been made.
  4. Select the Display Initial Entries check box to view the initial entries for any given supply or fee category. To display changes to the initial entries to a given supply or fee category, clear the Display Initial Entries check box.

  5. Select the Show All Supplies check box to hide the left pane and display all supplies and fields.
  6. When you are finished viewing the Supply Change Log, click x to close the dialog.

The following table contains the fields associated with the Supply Change Log dialog. These fields are only included in the initial entry or change log view when populated.

Field Description
Field The name of the fields associated with a supply or fee.
OldValue The initial value of the field. Information shows in this field only when a field value has changed.
NewValue The current value of the field.
User The person who entered the initial or change value.
Modified The date that the change was made.
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