Set Telehealth Place of Service for Payer

If Place of Service Selection is enabled, users can choose telehealth POS codes required by Medicare when adding POS at the appointment or case level. If the payer's requirements differ from Medicare, the appropriate POS code for telehealth services can be applied at the payer level. Users with administrative access can enable the “Use Other POS Codes for Telehealth” payer setting following the steps below.

  1. Select a payer in the Edit Payer window, then check the Billing Flag to “Use other POS codes for telehealth” in the General Billing Data tab.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to select the POS codes you would like to use for telehealth services for the payer, then click Save.

  1. Once this setting is enabled, the POS codes you chose will be automatically applied when “Telehealth – Home” or “Telehealth – Other” is selected as the place of service for patients with this payer.

  2. This payer setting can also be applied to multiple payers using the Browse Payers window.

Please Note:

  • If this payer setting is not checked, Insight will default to POS 02 for “Telehealth – Other” and POS 10 for “Telehealth – Home”. For more information on how to change POS, please see Add Appointment Details.
  • If Place of Service is manually changed in the Edit Charges window the payer setting will be overwritten and replaced by the system default for the POS selected, including “Telehealth – Home” and “Telehealth – Other”.

Setting Payer Defaults

If needed, a Default can be set for a certain category of payer and settings can be imported to new or current payers following the steps below. Payer Defaults can be used to save Billing Flags and other settings that should be applied for specific payer categories.

  1. Under Settings, select Payers, then select Defaults.
  2. Fill in the payer settings you’d like to use as the Default and Save.

To apply default settings to a payer:

  1. Look up the payer in the Edit Payer window.
  2. Click Defaults, then Yes to confirm.

Note: As a best practice, please compare all Default payer settings with the selected payer’s current settings before replacing values. Once the selected payer’s values are set to a Default, all previous settings will be lost.

For information on how to select telehealth place of service at the appointment or case level for Medicare category payers, please see Apply Place of Service for Telehealth.

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