Print Remittances

You can print remittances for any ERA claims that have been processed.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. From the Print menu, select ERA Remittances.
  3. At the Print Electronic Remittances dialog, enter conditions to specify which ERA claims to print remittances for:
  • Claim Number: Locates all remittances for the claim number.
  • Payment Date: Locates all remittances paid between the from and to dates.
  • Patients: Locates all remittances for patients with a last name between the from and to names. If a name is only entered in the from field, remittances are only printed for that patient.
  • Payer Group: Locates remittances for all payers in the selected group.
  • Payer: Locates remittances for selected payers. You can select more than one payer.

For Report Style, select Detail to print one remittance per page. Select Summary to print multiple remittances per page, in landscape format. Samples of each style of report are shown in the following pages.

Click one of the print option buttons: Preview, Print, Save to Text, or Save to PDF. If you click a button to save to text or PDF, you must enter a file name and the file is saved in the selected format.

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