Electronic Billing Setup

The system generates ANSI x12 837 electronic files for both Professional (CMS 1500) and Institutional (UB-04) claims. These files are frequently referred to as EDI (electronic data interchange). You will need to store these files on your network or computer so that you can upload them to the clearinghouse. Refer to Trading Partner Setup for detailed information.

We recommend that you store your EDI claims folder on a secure network drive. From a network drive, the folder can easily be made accessible to multiple users. If you do not, you can setup the EDI claims folder on a local computer drive. In a peer-to-peer network, you may be able to share the EDI folder with other users.

  • Consult with your IT department to determine the location in which you will store EDI files.
  • Create a new folder structure as follows: \EDI\Claims\Upload.
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