Clinicient Preferred Clearinghouse

Clinicient partners with a preferred clearinghouse, Waystar (formerly Zirmed). As a client of ours, you benefit from our integration with Waystar. Because many payers only allow claims submission from one clearinghouse at a time, we recommend (if you are not currently using Waystar) that you transition to Waystar prior to your go-live date with Clinicient. This can minimize the impact on your cash flow because you may be able use Waystar to continue submitting claims created in your old system.

Note: If your existing billing system cannot generate an X12 ANSI 5010 837 electronic claim file, or if you choose not to transition to Waystar from your current clearinghouse, contact your Clinicient Implementation Manager immediately to discuss alternatives. Should you choose to continue using your existing clearinghouse, you will be responsible for working with directly with them to implement Clinicient Insight.

Waystar Activities and Support:

Clinicient will provide you with a log in and temporary password to access your Waystar account. If you do not have a log in yet, please contact Clinicient Support. Once you have received your log in, you will need to setup your Waystar account. Your Clinicient Implementation Manager will work with you to get started. The initial session will include provider setup and enrollment activation. Training resources, such as online documentation and webinars are also provided to help your company maximize use of clearinghouse solutions.

For TotalInsight customers, the majority of clearinghouse activities are handled by the Clinicient billing team and your implementation manager. However, to continue working claims in your previous system, your team may need to use Waystar to continue claims processing in your old system.

Clinicient support is available to help you research issues with claims, payer information, and assist you with enrollments. Clinicient recommends taking full advantage of these training and support resources. Should you require support during the implementation process, contact your Clinicient Implementation Manager. After you are in production mode, you will need to enter a support ticket through the Clinicient customer care portal or by going to Help menu -> Create Support Case in the application.

Log in and Training Instructions:

  1. Open a web browser and type the web address
  2. Type in your User Name and Password in the Customer Log in prompt. (The first time you log in, you will be forced to change your password.)
  3. Click the Customer Support Center link and expand the Waystar (formerly Zirmed) Training Webinars link as illustrated below.

In addition to training you receive through Clinicient, you may want to attend each of the Waystar (formerly Zirmed) Training Webinars.

Waystar Web Enrollment

Enrollment is part of the clearinghouse setup process with Waystar. You can access a list of payers who require enrollment by clicking the "View our Payer List" button on the Waystar homepage. You will need to begin the enrollment process right away, focusing on your biggest payers first, and those who do not allow dual enrollment and/or paper submission. These enrollment activations take anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on the payer.

Waystar provides training, documentation, and support to guide you through the enrollment process. This is an important step in implementation and ongoing clearinghouse account maintenance. In addition to the Waystar training webinars, you will need to go through the Web Enrollment training and review the training materials.

To access the Web Enrollment Training links, click the Customer Support Center link, then expand the Web Enrollment link, as illustrated below.

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