Changing All Payer ICD-10 Effective Dates

You can simultaneously set all of your payer ICD-10 effective dates to a single date, using payer default settings in Insight Billing. This will save you time over individually changing the effective date of each payer. You can then make changes to individual payer settings as needed.

To set up all of your payers' ICD-10 effective dates in Insight Billing, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. From the Settings Menu, select Payers and then Defaults. The Edit Payer: Defaults dialog displays
  3. Select the General Billing Data tab.
  4. Select the Set Payer Default by Category check box to display the Payer field.
  1. Click the Payer arrow to display a list of payer categories and choose a category to which you want your payer default settings to apply.
  2. Enter a date in the ICD-10 Effective Date field. This can be manually typed or entered by clicking the ICD-10 Effective Date arrow and using the calendar feature.

    Note: The ICD-10 effective date must begin on the first day of the specified month or the system will display a warning message. You can alternatively right-click the ICD-10 Effective Date field to copy the entered date to all payers.

  3. Right-click the ICD-10 Effective Date field to copy the entered date to all payers.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Once you have entered an ICD-10 effective date for all of your payers, you will need to revise or remove effective dates for payers who will either be adopting ICD-10 diagnosis codes at a later date or that are not HIPAA covered entities and will remain using ICD-9 diagnosis codes. See View All Payer ICD-10 Effective Date Settings for instructions on viewing and changing multiple payer ICD-10 effective date codes.

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