Assign Fee Schedules

A fee schedule defines how services are priced for the payer. You may have multiple fee schedules, for example one for commercial payers, one for Medicare, and one for workers comp. Each payer is then associated with the appropriate fee schedule. One fee schedule should be named Default. It is used for patients who do not have insurance and may be assigned to the patient's guarantor rather than to a payer. A guarantor fee schedule has the Guarantor Fee Schedule check box selected at the top of the Fee Schedule Editor dialog. In addition to the Default fee schedule, you can have multiple guarantor fee schedules. For example, you may want to set up a guarantor fee schedule for cash payments. See Introduction to Fee Schedule Setup for information on creating fee schedules.

Associating Fee Schedules with Payers

From the Edit menu, select Payers. The Edit Payer dialog displays.

Select the payer and select the Fee Schedule tab

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