Align Paper Forms

Use the instructions below to align your New 1500 or UB-04 claims.

Note: The system is designed to store printer settings for one printer at a time. If your clinic uses multiple printers, then you will need to follow the steps below for each printer and update the printer settings each time you move back and forth between printers.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. In the Templates menu, select Printer Settings.
  3. Click the Claim Type arrow to display a list from which you choose a claim type to align.
  4. Note: "New 1500" should be selected to align all CMS-1500 claim forms.

  5. Click Print Test Form. The Report Preview window appears.
  6. Optional: Select the Include Form When Printing check box (to print the claim form in the background) and click Print.
  7. Review the printed form to see you need to make any adjustments.

    Note: Your desktop's Windows settings (i.e. use of large font sizes or screen resolution) can cause forms to misalign when printed.

  8. If the form printed properly, then close the Report Preview dialog box. You are finished.


    If the form is not aligned, then use the offset fields to move the entire form right/left (X Offset) or up/down (Y Offset). If the individual blocks are not aligned, use the Field Settings to align the blocks the specific blocks needing adjustment. Entering a negative (-) number in the X Offset field shifts everything to the left and a negative (-) number in the the Y Offset field shifts everything up on the page.

  9. Repeat this process until the form is aligned.
  10. When finished, click OK to close the Edit Printer Settings dialog box.

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