Patient Statement Setup

Clinicient Insight provides customizable Patient Statements that enables you to communicate important information regarding patient accounts and billing.

From the Insight Billing application, go to the Print menu and select Statements. The Patient Statement window appears.


  • Omit Federal Tax ID: check this box to omit your federal tax id from the appearing the statement.
  • Omit Account Number: check this box to omit the Clinicient Insight patient account number.
  • Omit Aging at Bottom: check this box to omit the patient account aging information at the bottom of the statement.
  • Omit the Remit Address: check this box to omit the remit to address.
  • Hide payment Info: check this box to hide specific detail about payment information such as the name of the payer and adjustments.
  • Order by Page Count: check this box to collate your statements by page number instead of patient.

Common Message

You can either have a Common Message which will appear on all patient statements OR you can have the message that displays based on how old the balance is. The Currently- Over 120 Day Message will automatically populate based on the oldest patient balance. For example, if my patient had a balance that was 65 days old and a balance that was Current the Over 60 Day Message would appear on the statement.

Statement Address

Check Use Clinic Settings to configure statements with clinic information. You will need to configure statement settings in the Company Info and Clinic Management editor. For detailed information refer to Company and Clinic Setup.

Credit Card Logos

Credit Card Logos: For each credit card type your billing office accepts, check the respective box. A logo for each credit card type displays in the Payment Information section of the statement. Note: The Use Clinic Settings check box overrides this selection if it is set.

Statement Output

Use this section to adjust the print layout for these fields. These settings are useful for clinics that print patient statements on perforated paper.

Statement File Information

  • Send Path: The folder where you want your electronic statement batch to be saved.
  • File Name: The name of the file (which can be your clinics name) with a .YMDT at the end so that today's date is included in the file name.

Note: If the Print Claim on Statement ONLY when Claim is Patient Responsibility check box on the General Billing Data tab of the Edit Payer window is selected, then only charges sitting out to patient responsibility will be reflected on the patient statement. This means items out to insurance nor items just paid by the patient will be listed. If this check box is unselected, the patient statement will include items still out to insurance and all patient payments posted since the last time the statement was printed (or from the Other Date if this option is chosen).

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