Perform a Clean INSIGHT Installation

Many issues can be corrected by completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the INSIGHT program that is having difficulties.

To completely uninstall and reinstall of the INSIGHT software, follow the procedure below. You will not lose any data; it is all stored in a remote data center.

Note: In order to perform this procedure, you must have the security permissions to uninstall and reinstall software on your computer. If you do not have the necessary permissions, then you will either need to have someone grant you those permissions or have an administrator log in to complete the process.

  1. Exit all INSIGHT programs. Either click the File menu and then click Exit or click the red X in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. On the Windows menu, click in the Search programs and files field and then type Uninstall a Program.

  3. Click Uninstall a Program.

  4. Right-click the Clinicient program having difficulties (InsightBilling or InsightEMR) and then click Uninstall.

    Uninstall INSIGHT

  5. Repeat the previous step to uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server Native Client. The versions and years will vary.

    Uninstall SQL Server

  6. In an internet browser, navigate to
  7. In the Username field, type your INSIGHT user name and then click Submit.


  8. Click the program link to download and install it. This will usually be the most recent version of INSIGHT EMR or INSIGHT Billing.

    Click installation link

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