Log in to Clinicient

This topic explains how to log in to Clinicient Insight EMR and Clinicient Insight Billing.

Starting Insight EMR

While Insight EMR is an Internet-based application, you must still download and install software onto your local computer to access the system. If the software is not yet installed, follow the installation instructions. After a successful installation, you should see this icon on your computer desktop:

As with any installed application, double-click the icon on the desktop to start Insight EMR.

Logging In

When you start Insight EMR, you will be prompted to log into the software using this User Log in dialog box:

Enter the user name you were provided in the User Name field and then your password in the Password field. Then click OK to continue.

If you have been given a temporary password, you will be prompted to change it the first time you log in. Your user name typically consists of your first initial followed by your last name.

Loading Updates

When you log into Insight EMR, the software automatically checks for any needed updates. If updates need to be applied they are installed as indicated by a progress bar that appears on screen.

After You Log In

After logging in and any updates have been installed, the Insight EMR main window appears:

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