Clear the INSIGHT Cache

Cache memory stores program instructions that are frequently re-referenced by software during operation. Fast access to these instructions increases the overall speed of the software program, but can create issues if the instructions are out of date. Clearing your cache can help improve the efficiency of INSIGHT and correct display issues.

Follow the steps below to clear your computer's cache:

  1. Close all instances of INSIGHT Billing and INSIGHT EMR.
  2. On the Start menu, click Computer or This PC or My computer.

  3. Open the C drive (double-click the icon or right-click and then click Open).
  4. Open the Clinicient folder, which will either be inside the Program Files or the Program Files (x86) folder. The path will be C:\Program Files\Clinicient or C:\Program Files (x86)\Clinicient.

  5. Open the InsightBilling folder and then delete the cache folder.

  6. Open the InsightEMR folder and then delete the cache folder.

You have cleared the cache. You can now open INSIGHT and continue working as normal.

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