Accessing WebPT Products Abroad

WebPT applications, including Clinicient INSIGHT and InsightGO, may be used outside of the United States or Canada using these tips to continue our high-security standards and ensure the safety of your WebPTaccount and data.

How can I access WebPTproducts while abroad?

To access WebPT applications, we recommend purchasing a low-cost VPN and designate a U.S. or Canadian IP address to access the software. Please log a case through the Empower Portal and provide your IP address so we can add it to our list of approved IP addresses. If you need help finding your IP address, simply Google “what is my IP address”.

Can I access WebPT Products without a VPN?

If it is impossible to connect to a US or Canada-based VPN, you may have a request submitted on your behalf from our support team to request an exception made for the location. All requests will be reviewed by Security and Compliance at WebPT. This does not guarantee access and/or approval..

Note: This request may take up to 72 business hours to process. For immediate access to WebPT applications, we recommend connecting to a VPN.

We will confirm the following details:

  • Full Name and Email address of the affected user?
  • What country is the user attempting to access Clinicient from?
  • Are you operating with a static IP or a dynamic changing IP? (We are not approving exceptions for dynamic IPs)
  • What's your business justification to operate from a non-US location?
  • Are you an employee of the clinic/company (i.e. therapist, clerical) or are you contracted for the clinic/company (i.e. 3rd party billing, contractor, etc.)?
  • Are you requesting an exception on a permanent basis? (If this request is on a temporary basis due to travel the only exceptions that will be reviewed is if it is longer than 30 days from a static IP address. It will not be reviewed for vacations.)

What’s a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that acts as a secure tunnel to prevent hackers from watching your computer activities. It can be loaded onto your laptop as an application and in many cases, it’d be as easy as clicking a button to turn it on. On unsecured networks, hackers may be able to watch your keystrokes so they can later log into your account because they’ll know your username and password. Obtaining and using a VPN would help keep your private data private and help prevent a data breach.

Do I just need a VPN while abroad?

While you will need a VPN to accessWebPT products while in certain countries, using one while on public networks—such as at a cafe or airport—can provide an extra layer of security when accessing patient or other sensitive data even when you aren’t abroad.

Any suggestions for a VPN?

Here are links to VPN services used by our IT staff on their personal computers:

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