Region Settings

Region Settings are used if you have multiple Tax ID’s or NPI numbers that are being billed out of the same clinic. INSIGHT can be set up to pull NPI and Tax ID information from either the clinic or the region setting, depending on how the payer is set up.

Activating Region Settings

Region Settings are first turned on in System Properties, accessed from the Settings drop-down menu in the Menu Bar. When the Use Regional Level property is applied, Region Settings are activated.

Note: Region Settings can only be turned on by Clinicient Support. Please call Clinicient's Support line, 503-525-0275, or open a support case online to turn on Region Settings for your INSIGHT database.

Applying Region Settings for the Clinic

Each clinic location will need to be assigned a region. If no region is assigned, visits for that clinic cannot be billed and will go to an issue listing. In order to build a new region for a particular clinic, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings from the Menu Bar and select Company & Clinic Info. You'll now see Region next to the clinic name.
  2. Select the elipses next to Region.

  1. Add the name, address, and appropriate NPI and Tax ID for the Region.

Note: If you do not need to assign a region for one of your locations, use the same billing information as the main clinic area in the Region field.

Applying Region Settings for Payers

If a payer requires the NPI and Tax ID of the region to be billed, payer settings will also need to be updated.

Note: For Total INSIGHT customers, payer settings will need to be updated by Clinicient Support.

  1. From the Menu Bar, select Settings, then Edit Payer. Choose the payer you need from the Payer drop-down menu.
  2. Select the CMS-1500 tab.
  3. In the Common Settings section, change Service Facility ID and Billing Provider ID to Region NPI. Change the Name/Address for both Paper and EDI to Region.
  4. In the Paper Settings section, change the Tax ID to Region Tax ID #.

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