Topics Management

You can add, rename, delete, or inactivate clinical documentation Topics in Topics Management, found under the Templates drop-down menu.

Adding a New Topic

After launching Topics Management, click Add and enter a name for the new Topic as illustrated here:

Renaming Topics

Select a topic from the list, click Rename, and enter the new Topic name.

Note: When renaming a topic, the new topic name cannot be identical to the original name.

Making a Topic Inactive

You may make a Topic inactive at any time. This is useful if you are planning to edit a Topic and do not want it in use during that time. To make a selected Topic inactive, just clear the Active check box as shown below:

Deleting a Topic

Topics may also be completely deleted. To delete a selected topic, click the Delete button as illustrated here.

Note: This will permanently delete the Topic, and you will not be able to restore it. You will receive a warning message before the Topic is deleted, as shown below.

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