The Topic Editor

The following describes the Topic Editor, which is used to add and modify clinical documentation topics.

The Topic Editor

The Topic Editor is used to create new Topics or edit existing Topics.

Launching the Topic Editor

You can launch the Topic Editor from the main file menu, or from Charting as illustrated below:

Parts of the Topic Editor

The following diagram shows the main parts of the Topic Editor:

What is a Topic

A Topic is a comprehensive set of content that may be used in the clinical documentation process for a type of patient. Information within a Topic may be grouped into a:

  • Category, then further grouped into a:
    • Subcategory

What is an Area

An Area is a broad grouping of topic elements. For example:

  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Assessment
  • Plan
  • Summary

What is an Item

An Item is a specific element within a Topic. Items within a Topic include:

  • Clinical Services (Procedures)
  • Subjective Information
  • Clinical Observations
  • Clinical Tests and Measurements
  • Condition Specific Questionnaire Scores
  • Treatment Plan Information
  • Summary Information
  • Supply

What is a Result

A Result is a response to a Topic Item. For example:

  • Topic: Knee
  • Area: Subjective
  • Category: History
  • Subcategory: Current Complaints
  • Item: Activities Aggravating Pain
  • Results: Walking, Standing, Running, Ascending Stairs
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