Spell Check in the Topic Editor

Clinical documentation may be automatically checked for spelling errors based upon a dictionary that includes comment medical and health care terms. Acceptable custom words and phrases may also be added to the dictionary. Content in the topic editor may also be checked for spelling errors.

Note: To check spelling in the topic library, All Topics must be selected.

Accepting Corrections from Suggestion List

After clicking the Spell Check button, the system will automatically compare spelling in the topic library against the library and suggest corrections. To accept a correction, you may click Change to accept the suggestion for that one instance. You may click Change All to correct the same misspelling if it occurs anywhere else in the topic library.

Adding a Term to the Dictionary

If a term is not in the dictionary, you may add it to your dictionary as indicated here, so that it will not prompt the therapist to correct the spelling in clinical documentation.

Ignoring Suggested Corrections

You may elect to ignore a misspelling.

Auto Correct

You may select Auto Correct to automatically enter a different word or term in place of another term. In this example, "incr" will be automatically replaced with "increase".

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