Set Up Goal Progress Ratings

The following describes the setup and use of the Goal Progress Ratings in documentation.

Rating Progress Toward Goals

The Goal Tracker in Insight EMR allows for documentation items earmarked as goals to be tracked and updated routinely. Optionally, you may also rate the progress for goal attainment in the Goal Tracker and include your rating of goal progression in clinical evaluation reports.

This subjective rating of goal progression may be included in your clinical documentation reports to communicate whether or not the patient is making progress as expected.

Creating a Goal Rating Scale

Use the following steps to edit or create a goal rating scale.

  1. From the Templates menu, select Goal Progress Ratings.

  2. In the Goal Ratings Progress dialog , enter your desired rating scale for goal progression.

  3. Use the Add and Delete buttons to adjust the number of ratings in the scale.
  4. In the Value column for each rating, enter or edit the description associated with each rating in the scale.
  5. Click OK to save your new or edited goal progress ratings.
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