Page Headers on Clinical Reports

This article describes how to set up a single line page header for use on the Claims Submission Report.

Page Header Set Up

Use the following procedure to set up page headers on clinical reports.

  1. Launch Print Layouts and select the Claims Submission Report format.
  2. Click the Page Setup Icon. The Page Setup dialog displays.
  3. Enter the following margin settings:
    • Top 0.5"
    • Bottom 0.7"
    • Left 0.5"
    • Right 0.5"
  4. Enter the following header and footer Settings:
    • Header Distance from Top 0.3"
    • Footer Distance from Bottom 0.7"

Adding Header Information

In 8 point font, enter Insurance ID as a label, then add Primary Claim ID, Primary Group ID, Primary Member ID and Primary Policy ID data fields.

Report Examples

Page 1

Page 2

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